Lead UX designer for web and mobile (Fintech B2B Global Payments Platform)


Re-design, new features, and usability improvements

Web & Mobile Application

Date:  October, 2019 thru March 2020  (part-time 20hr/week)
Role:  Senior Product Designer / UX Designer (working remote)

Skills:  UX Strategy, Wire framing, Interactive Design, Visual Design, Prototyping, Development Oversight
Tools:  Sketch, Invision, Illustration

The Client

Tempus Logo

Tempus Inc. are experts in global payments (foreign exchange) and risk management.   Their Tempus Online Application is especially for doing international B2B payments with different currencies.  Their parent company is Monex (Mexican Bank).



  • Re-design web application to have more modern UI
  • Web and Mobile usability improvements
  • New payment features / workflow
  • Improve workflow of existing features
  • Provide style guide and assets for development


  • Stakeholder interviews: I spent the initial week of the project with the head of product as well as the CTO to determine the roadmap and to understand their business needs.
  • Competitive Analysis: Studied workflows at various competitors like, Veem, Paypal and more in relation to similar features and find gaps in features.
  • Strategy:  Worked with client (along with technology vendor) on best design strategy and how to approach and prioritize the design for a release schedule that worked to accommodate stakeholders and tech.   As the client initially did not have a clear roadmap, I helped client understand design strategy and ideas and how they affect the entire project.  Basically helping them understand the affects on the site for some decisions being made from product.
  • User Research: Conveying a user centered approach to the product owner, I was able to gain access some users and gained some insight into their pain points in the existing workflows, as well as account managers that interact with those clients (users).
  • Iterative Design: Iterated design ideas several times a week with client.
  • Prototyping: Used Sketch/Invision for prototyping and feedback as well as stakeholder buyin.



  • Prepared survey of questions for current users
  • Interviewed several existing clients
  • Determined pain points with application
  • Watched the users perform their tasks

Review of competitors



Style Guide 

  • Create style guide for tech and other designers
  • Set standards for UI elements, layout, responsiveness, error messaging and more
  • Following branding guidelines and selected imagery for site
  • Created illustration for site

Custom icon library (font)

Building an Icon library for hand off to tech

  • Created custom icon font at
  • Created icons as needed
  • Trained tech on how to use it

This was very well received by product and tech.


Desktop Application Design

Modular & Customizable Dashboards

  • Design new dashboard for users (landing page after login)
  • Create new navigation
  • Update and make usability improvements to all main pages and UI elements
  • Entitlements based content for dashboard and navigation
  • Customizable dashboard (modules that matter to the user)
  • Real-time foreign exchange quotes
  • Design new feature workflow and UI

Mobile Application Design

Mobile Login
Mobile - Navigation
Mobile Dashboard
Mobile Contacts

User Satisfaction

Ease of Use
Design Improvements
Workflow Improvements
Muti-device support

iPad Designs were de-prioritized by client and would come later 

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