A little bit about me

Thanks for visiting my web site!   A little bit about me.  In my career so far I have designed and delivered consumer facing and enterprise solutions as a consultant and a corporate professional for over 20 years.  During this time, I delivered highly successful solutions that delight stakeholders and users.   As a user experience designer and design leader, I am focused on the end user experience.   I fully believe in the design thinking approach, which emphasizes team collaboration, research, iterating ideas, prototyping and testing with users to design great user experiences.

I’ve held different roles in the design spectrum, including the role of a creative technical manager,  design manager, UX consultant,  UX Researcher &  Strategist, a “UX Team of One”, an Interactive Designer, Visual Designer, and Prototyper.   Before entering UX, I was a Front-End developer for many years. I enjoy the challenge to delight business owners and end-users by making their experiences simple and usable, especially when I can design innovative new approaches.

I am always learning and absorbing things around me.  I love to meet and attend workshops on, not only digital UX problems but any user-experience problems to be solved, and continue to attend many workshops & meetups.    I enjoy to mentor others, whether it’s stakeholders, product owners, other co-workers and clients, to build better understanding of UX for all.

In my personal time, I enjoy quite a bit of reading, traveling (hiking/kayaking/sailing), pencil drawing, digital art, and have spent much of my life being a songwriter, performer, and music producer.  I’ve produced several albums and music projects and released two CDs of my own original music. See


Senior Product Designer, UX Designer & Strategist, Creative Technologist, Artist

How do I work?

  • Problem Statement (Verify/Identify the right problem to solve)

    • SME, Stakeholder Interviews
    • Understanding the business
    • User feedback
  • Discovery

    • User Interviews
    • Heuristic Evaluation
    • Analytics data
    • Competitive Analysis
    • Personas
    • User Journey(s)
    • Task Mapping
    • Card Sorting
  • Strategy & Analysis

    • Synthesize findings from Discovery
    • Bring innovative ideas to the table
    • High level Strategy
    • Card Sorting
    • Affinity Diagrams
  • Design

    • Low fi wireframes
    • Design sprints
    • User Testing
  • Prototyping

    • Interaction
    • Sketch, Axure RP or Invision
    • A/B Testing with users
    • Demo’s for senior management buy-in
  • Implementation Oversite

    • Hand-off of style guide
    • Peer Programming assistance if needed
    • User Acceptance Testing

Brands & Companies I’ve worked with


Places I studied