A little bit about me

I’ve been designing and building consumer web and enterprise solutions as a consultant and a corporate professional for over 20 years.   Several years ago, I transitioned from the successful career in software design and development to become a full-time User Experience Designer, focusing on the end-user experience.   I also like to lead a design team and love to mentor others where applicable.

I’ve played different roles in the design spectrum, including the role of a creative technical manager,  web designer consultant,  UX Researcher and  Strategist, a “UX Team of One”, an Interactive Designer, Visual Designer, and prototyper.  I enjoy the challenge to make things more useful and simple for end users, especially when I can use innovative new approaches.

I further studied UX Design (General Assembly) and Graphic Design principals, and continue to attend many workshops & meetups.   I’m always thinking of better user experiences in the things I see every day (not just the web).  Mentoring others, whether it’s stakeholders, product owners, other co-workers and clients, to build better understanding is important to me as well.

In my personal time, I enjoy quite a bit of reading, traveling (hiking/kayaking/sailing), pencil drawing, digital art, and have spent much of my life being a songwriter, performer, and music producer.  I’ve produced several albums and music projects and released two CDs of my own original music. See


User Experience Designer, Graphic Designer, Creative Technologist, Artist

How do I work?

  • Problem Statement (Verify/Identify the right problem to solve)

    • SME, Stakeholder Interviews
    • Understanding the business
    • User feedback
  • Discovery

    • User Interviews
    • Heuristic Evaluation
    • Analytics data
    • Competitive Analysis
    • Personas
    • User Journey(s)
    • Task Mapping
    • Card Sorting
  • Strategy & Analysis

    • Synthesize findings from Discovery
    • Bring innovative ideas to the table
    • High level Strategy
    • Card Sorting
    • Affinity Diagrams
  • Design

    • Low fi wireframes
    • Design sprints
    • User Testing
  • Prototyping

    • Interaction
    • Sketch, Axure RP or Invision
    • A/B Testing with users
    • Demo’s for senior management buy-in
  • Implementation Oversite

    • Hand-off of style guide
    • Peer Programming assistance if needed
    • User Acceptance Testing

Brands & Companies I’ve worked with


Places I studied